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United States
Current Residence: That Happiness Place
Favourite genre of music: trance, instrumental, soundtrack
Favourite style of art: 2D CG, soft style, game-anime genre
Operating System: WinXP
MP3 player of choice: KuniPod
Wallpaper of choice: whatever suits my mood
Skin of choice: flawless
Favourite cartoon character: Currently: Mukuro, 8059, 2759/27, Shaoran, Amamiya, Allen, Ravi, Riku/Sora, AkuRoku, Lelouch, Fukki
Personal Quote: Burning eyes since '95.
Scratch the Grey Matter

My art journal, where I post behind-the-scenes kind of stuff that I can't post here. I also put up in-progress kind of work, sketches, and such. So, if you have a livejournal, come on over, and ask to be added [read the rules]. I update this sucker more often than DA, by the way.
Holy crap, my life is the pits.  Without going into any details, I'm just going to be very scarce for a while, and I do'n't know for how long.

To my secret New Year's person - the deal is mostly the same as with my secret Santa thing.  I'd prefer my ori!chars, which I uploaded some refs for here.  I gathered what I could, since my computer is currently out of commission, so I hope the refs are good enough.  =

If those do'n't strike your fancy, then fanart from Reborn! [Mukuro, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Hibari, Colonnello/Lal Mirch, etc etc], DGM [Allen, crownclown!Allen, Ravi, Komui], FMA [Ed, Roy/Riza, Ling, manga!pride, Izumi, etc etc], Kingdom Hearts [Riku/Sora, Axel/Roxas], Lelouch [Code Geass], Shaoran [Card Captor Sakura/Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles/xxxHolic].  I do'n't mind shounen-ai, if you want to draw that sort of thing.

I have'n't forgotten about my kiriban catcher, do'n't worry.  It may just take a while before I can get that done.
My list o' THINGS:
- Secret New Year's [gift]
- Kuniban 127127 [gift, Ravi]
- "Cocoon" [Bleach]
- "a precious loss" [D.Gray-man]
- "After Image" [Kingdom Hearts doujin]
- CM comic [original]
Proud member of:
If you have'n't seen these people already, you're a noob:
Special friends and fantabulous artists/writers:
  • Listening to: Mitsuda Yasunori
  • Reading: manga
  • Watching: Disney Channel =_=
  • Playing: Odin Sphere
  • Eating: miso soup
  • Drinking: white tea


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